Support for Local Enterprise Development

Athlone Community Taskforce (ACT) has been working with the Athlone community and both local and national agencies for more than 20 years. Our mission is to promote enterprise and employment in the Athlone area.

ACT is now embarking on an ambitious initiative “Opportunity in a Million” (OiM) on behalf of the Athlone community. The objective is to enhance the spirit of enterprise and employment, leading to the establishment of new business ventures in the Athlone area.

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What is OiM?

Opportunity in a Million (OiM) is an independent enterprise programme supported by volunteers and the Athlone community who work closely with education and enterprise agencies with the aim of promoting enterprise and employment in the area.

OiM is driven by 50 experienced business people who give of their time on a voluntary basis to provide encouragement, mentoring and evaluation of potential enterprise projects, which allied to a fund donated by employers & employees is making a difference to job creation in the Athlone area.

The Purpose of OiM


Encourage innovation and enterprise, leading to new job opportunities in the Athlone area.


Support local businesses by keeping jobs in the locality.


OiM is an opportunity for us to give something back to our community, while also investing in the future.

Support Local Business

You are welcome to our full support, be it for the retention of existing jobs or the creation of new employment.


"Opportunity in a Million is a wonderful and very innovative enterprise initiative which provides the kind of support that is vital to new projects. The response from OiM with mentoring, support and advice, which was provided in a very informal flexible format, was excellent. In addition the provision and access to funds has been of enormous benefit to my business."

− Charlie Wynne, CEO 'Im A Friend' , www.imafriend.com

"OiM provided my company with the help and support we needed to launch. The vast experience and guidance provided to us by the available OiM mentors was an invaluable asset. The speed at which we were seen and the networking opportunities available to us has enabled us to grow. "

− Eoin Costello, CEO ClearVision

"I was contacted by Opportunity In A Million after I attended their seminar. Suddenly, I was inundated with supports regarding new start ups. They were willing to help in every way possible. The network support was amazing, these people gave me invaluable help in getting things up and running."

− Barry McDonnell

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