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OiM 2015 Year In Review!

OiM can look back on the initial 2 years of operation with great satisfaction. Since its launch by Minister Brian Hayes in November 2013, this project has gone from strength to strength.

88 potential enterprise clients sought /availed of support from our 54 volunteers to date.

The fact that Athlone Community Taskforce -OiM supported projects created in excess of 60 jobs is most rewarding! It is also significant that all funds have been provided through sponsorship, employer, employee donations and individual contributions.

OiM wish to thank all our donors and sponsors, without their help OiM could not continue.

We also thank our 54 volunteers, their assistance has been a major factor with these results.

We look forward to 2016, where with community support we can further develop this very innovative enterprise initiative.

If you are considering starting up a business or going self employed why not call us for free advice or if you wish to get involved as an OiM Volunteer please call us on 09064-94555.

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